Our comprehensive coursework prepares students for entry-level jobs in the dental assisting field. Upon completion, you will be ready to assist chair side with the dentist, sterilize equipment and instruments, complete lab work, expose, develop and mount X-rays, assist the hygienist, schedule dental appointments, and help in many other areas of the dental office environment.

The Aspire Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed for completion in 10 weeks. Each student will complete 112 hours of classroom instruction, 48 of which are lecture hours and 64 lab hours. The final week of instruction requires students to complete a 32-hour externship in a selected dental office for a total of 144 course hours.

This chapter introduces students to the field of dentistry, dental terminology, anatomy, dental instruments and equipment. Upon completion students will be able to identify dental instruments and the parts of a tooth, understand procedural equipment and dental terminology.

This chapter demonstrates the dental assistant’s role in assisting the dentist. Upon completion students will be able to transfer instruments, isolate teeth and properly sterilize and maintain instruments.

This chapter introduces students to taking and processing X-rays, radiation safety and identifying X-ray landmarks. Upon completion students will be able to take X-rays, process film using and correctly mount X-rays using anatomical landmarks.

This chapter discusses different types of restorative material and their uses including specific materials and instruments and the tub and tray system. Upon completion students will be able to distinguish dental materials and instruments and will know how to set up a tub and tray for specific procedures. An X-ray exam will be given prior to lecture and lab.

This chapter discusses the types of dental cement and liners and their uses as well as how to take an alginate impression. Upon completion students will be able to dispense and mix various types of dental cements and liners and will be able to mix, take and pour an alginate impression.

This chapter introduces students to oral surgery and periodontal instruments, surgical procedures and materials. Upon completion students will able to identify and sterilize common surgical instruments. A written mid-term exam will be given.

This chapter covers the process of crown and bridge, impression materials and procedures for making a dental temporary and an occlusal bite. Upon completion students will be able to prepare a tub and tray for crown and bridge procedures and dispense and mix impression materials. Students will also know how to make a dental temporary and take an occlusal bite.

This chapter introduces the materials and procedures involved in Endodontic and Orthodontic treatment. Job interview techniques are also addressed. Upon completion students will be able to assist chair side for both endodontic and orthodontic procedures. Students focus on job search.

This chapter discusses the duties of a dental office manager/receptionist. Upon completion students will be able to utilize dental software to make dental appointments and file insurance claims.

This chapter discusses the techniques of working with pediatric dental patients. Upon completion students will understand the nuances of assisting chair side with pediatric patients. A general practical exam, an X-ray practical exam, and a final written exam will be given. Students will also complete an externship during this week.