I have worked in the field of dentistry for almost two years now as a
dental assistant and I can still proudly say that it is the best
decision I have ever made. Originally, I was an art history major, but
I found that I lacked the passion to really make a career out of that
degree. I had considered going into dentistry my junior year of
college, but moving schools completely when I was so close to
graduation seemed like a bad decision. I still regret not pursuing
dentistry to this day, however. I am currently in school trying to
further my career in dentistry by obtaining a dental hygiene degree.

I love working in the field of dentistry because I can see the
improvements I am making to people’s lives. I currently work at a
pediatric dental office as a certified dental assistant so I feel
good about giving children a healthy start to their lives. Not only do
I instruct both children and parents about starting healthy habits, I
build confidence in children so they are not scared of the dentist for
the rest of their lives. So many parents have told me that their fear
of the dentist stems from when they were a child. I make it my
personal goal to try to change that trend for each child that walks
through our doors. It makes me feel good about what I do when I
connect with those children and know that they are having fun at the

I would encourage anyone who is thinking about getting into the field
of dentistry to try out dental assisting first because it will give
you the hands on experience you need in order to see if dentistry is
right for you. I feel confident that what I have learned as an
assistant will carry on to my future degree as a dental hygienist, and
I will be ahead of my class because I will already know the
instruments used and how to take x-rays. Even if you do not choose to
further your career in dentistry, being a dental assistant is
rewarding enough and always in demand.

–L. Browne, former Aspire student