“Before attending Aspire DAS, I did several searches on the best schools in the Dallas area. When I came across Aspire, it immediately caught my attention because you train with real patients. Angie Hallmark is such a great instructor and she made me feel comfortable during the procedures in which I assisted Dr. Dena Robinson. I have learned from the best and will now carry all these wonderful experiences with me. Thank you so very much for preparing me for my career. I will be forever grateful.”
–Osungu Szpernalowski

“Aspire DAS gave me a solid foundation to start my dental assisting career. Not only was it fun, I learned more in 10 weeks than I thought I would. The environment is very laid back (which I love) and Dr. Robinson and Angie are awesome to work with. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”
–Kaitlin Adair